Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pantry Project #4, Oilcloth Trays

Who can't use a good high walled tray? I am going to whip up a bunch of these to help organize that pantry of mine. They will be great for holding all sorts of things, I am seeing my dish rags in this one!

Supply List:
a half yard of oilcloth
a fat quarter of oilcloth
a scrap of chalk cloth (ask for one at check out!!!)
straight pins
cloths pins

1. First you'll need to make your self a pattern using a large sheet of paper. This pattern was made to fit my pantry shelves, you can adjust it to fit your needs, don't forget to allow for seam allowances. SA for this pattern is 1/4".

2. Cut 4 layers of oilcloth.

3. Line up and pin three layers of oilcloth. Quilt the layers together to create our stiff outer layer.

4. Stitch corners of your quilted outer layer and then the lining.

5. Now that you have your two layers stitched into the tray shape you will pin and baste the two together.

6. Using cloths pins you will fold the vertical sides towards the inside of the tray as shown above.

7. Flip the tray over to the underneath you are going to edge stitch the pinned sides.

Line up the edge of the tray with the inside of your presser foot, place your needle down into the corner before you start to stithc. This will make a nice crisp corner and a sturdy tray. Edge stitch. Start and stop just inside the corners. See photo below.

Note: Make sure your lining is being sewn into the seam as well, I missed one side completely. Use the inside edge of your presser foot as you guide.

8. Now pin the remains sides in place

9. Again line up the tray with the inside of your presser foot in preparation for edge stitching. Place your needle down into the corner before you start stitching. Edge stitch.

10. Your corner will look like this.

11. Apply your bias tape. Use the left inside edge of your presser foot as a guide. If possible move your needle to the left for a nice close edge stitch. Use your fingers to "squash" the corners in while you round the edges of the tray. Using your free arm will also add you in this last step.


M.E. Greene said...

Very cool project! I love oilcloth, and I love trays. It's a win/win! What a neat blog. Such great ideas!

Joy Burkhart said...

Great project! I found your post listed on TipNut - that that site for all kinds of ideas! (
Thanks bunches!