Thursday, June 28, 2012

Great Idea: Summer Picnic Placemats

Marith from Lime Riot whipped up a fun little project for The Lovely Cupboard. Her oilcloth summer picnic placemats are dreamy!! I can't wait to make four for my family!! Learn how to make some for yourself at the very cool blog The Lovely Cupboard, but be careful you'll fall down a great rabbit hole of yummy food and design!

Monday, June 18, 2012

a few more days...

We're sorry to say that we're still closed. My accounting work was cut short because I took a little spill. Good news, my arm is not broken. Bad news, I can't type with my right hand for long periods of time. My assistant will be back from her vacation this week, once we have the accounting system work finished we'll open right back up.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scheduled Maintance!

Aren't these amazing??? LOVE!! They will keep me good company as I take on my big accounting/inventory-palozza today. We're switching all our accounting, inventory and shipping over to Stitch Labs during the next few days I need all the eye candy I can get! Don't fret if you see the shops closed for a few days, we'll be back and running better than ever ASAP!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Porch Party: DIY Oilcloth Buffet/Bar

On Friday I needed an extra table to serve as a bar for my Junie porch party. I have a lot of pretty tables but none of them were the right size and shape. So I pulled out one of our small show tables, you know those folding 2' x 4' tables that most of us have on hand.

I got this idea last week when a customer ask if I could make a tablecloth to cover one of these tables, that she uses one as an outdoor buffet. She wanted the tablecloth to hang to the ground so you couldn't see the legs. The cost for a tablecloth of this size would be very high so I suggested that she do this instead...

Folding Table Bar Tutorial  
 Time: 5-10 minutes
Oilcloth: 4 yards 
Cost $32.00 

Supplies needed: 2'x 4' folding table, scissors, staple gun.

I grabbed up some not-so-gently used green gingham oilcloth that I had laying around in the storage room, it was perfect for my quick and dirty project. As you can I see, I didn't even use proper scissors! Did I mention that I made this 30 minutes before the guests arrived?
 I used 3 panels of oilcloth that measured 22" by 47". I started on the sides and stapled them so they just touched the floor. I made little pleats to make the corners nice and pretty.
 Two ends complete. I left the back open since no one would see it.
I took the last panel and stapled it across the front of the table.
What I like about this is that you can lift up the front panel and stash extra bottles under the table. It's great to have extra's close by but out of sight.
I used a Scalloped Splat Mat from the stock to use a table topper. I picked the yellow hibiscus to match the settee that's also on the porch.
It' worked out nicely!! I'll be able to take out the staples, roll up the fabric and have it for my next porch party or craft show! Easy-peasy!!

Happy Summer,