Thursday, July 28, 2011

Great new oilcloth...

I've been wanting to get this Aqua Rosegale oilcloth print for ages and ages. I've already used yards and yards of it for Modern June projects, but don't worry there's plenty more for your projects too.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Q & A: What can you do with oilcloth?

I found this question in my inbox today and I think that it's the best question ever. I do have some ideas on what to do with oilcloth, twenty ideas in fact!!

Q: What can you do with oilcloth?

A: I have an entire book coming out about a month that will answer that for you. Sewing with Oilcloth is a pretty little book filled with 20 patterns with lovely pictures by Meghan McSweeney Photography. There is an entire chapter filled with tips, tools and trims that will make sewing with oilcloth fun and easy! The other 3 chapters have projects for you, for your home and for your little ones. There are projects of oilcloth, laminated cotton and chalk cloth.

In the meantime please check out my Oilcloth Addict Blog for tutorials, basic tips, and loads of great ideas from the crafty community and my fellow oilcloth addicts! 

Many thanks and happy sewing,

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Color Check: Moorish Tiles Lamianted Cotton

Ever wonder what that color really looks like? Here's another color check. The green in the Moorish Tile laminated cotton from Ty Pennington is the much like a Granny Smith apple.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Junie gone mad!

There I was in the corner of my studio working away on emails with my back to the room. I hear Kathie, Junie-shipping-goddess-of-love and Oilcloth-Addict-yardage-cutter-of-happiness start singing. It started out as "row, row,  row, you boat" but quickly ends up being "row, row, row, your bolts."
OMG, I knew she had lost it. I couldn't even turn around, I just sat there in a fit of giggles for a few minutes before I got up and grabbed my camera. This woman is hysterical, she cracks me up every single day!!! She's a Yankee in a very southern city, which makes her even funnier. I am a lucky girl!! 
What you've got to understand it that our order are off the charts! And for that I thank you! Kathie on the other hand is a bit stressed. But don't worry about here, I've got cake for her today. At least our growing pains are filled with laughter and not tears!
Told you she's been busy!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a Yellowishus idea

Yellowishus? Oh yea, I made up a new word. (I do that, a lot) It's all about yellow here at Oilcloth Addict! I am just loving this new print, Big Apple Yellow!
You know what I am seeing? Placemats!! Check it out what I am calling a panel is 20 1/2" long and 47"/48" wide. 
Then I cut the panel in to three smaller rectangles that are about 15" x 20 1/2" each. You could now trim them up to the same size and you have a great single-sided placemat or you could really crafty and follow the How-To: Outdoor Placemats by Lish Dorset to make a reversible placemat. (see photo below)
Photo Credit: Lish Dorset
Here is the tricky part, one yard won't give you enough for more than 3 placemats but 1 1/2 will get you 6 placemats. Feel free to convo me for a special placemat listing and I'll make sure you get the right amount.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Your Great Idea Round UP

Here's a round up of all you great ideas over the last few years.  

Monday, July 4, 2011

Color Combos: Laminated Cotton with Oilcloth

 Picnic Bouquet Gold bottom and Tulip on Green top
Aubrey is wanting to make some totes and she wanting to combine laminated cotton with oilcloth. I think that's a great idea, the oilcloth will give it a lot of body!!!
 Tulip on Green with lime dot, kiwi gingham and walnut faux bois.
 Picnic Bouquet Gold with lime dot
Rosewood and walnut faux bois with Picnic Bouquet Gold

Orange Mums with brown gingham, faux bois,  and orange lace 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great Idea: Make Up Brush Roll

Photo Credit: Laura Nownes
Laura Nownes from See How We Sew, shared her the project she whipped up for her daughter. This great laminated cotton make up brush roll took her all of 20 minutes. Get the 411 here. While your there be sure to read the great story about being an on-call project mom. I am so there!!!

By the way, we're getting that dandy stripe in pink next week!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Round Up: Color Combos

Color Combo: Great Pairs   Red and Yellow Fruity oilcloth's are great with all the reds, both gingham and dots! The navy gingham is really great too! Blue forever is wonderful with the reds too.
Blue hibiscus is great with the yellow gingham and it works with all the red prints as well.
Pink lace and pink polka dots great too!
Zoya Lime looks great with the pink dot, gingham and lace. I love the Zoya with the yellow gingham too.
 Color Combo: Picnic Time Walnut Wood Grain, Red Gingham, Brown Gingham, and Cherries on White
Color Combo: Perfectly pink  Pink dot, perky pink gingham (left), pink lace, dusty pink gingham (right)
Color Combo: Blue and Green Laminated Cottons Here are all the pretty laminated cotton's that look great with the Hop Dots in green and blue!  Starting at the top center print and moving clockwise: Slim Dandy Strip, Navy Tea Garden Floral, Passion Lily Fern, Emerald Temple Tulips, and Picnic Bouquet Gold.
Color Combo: Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane prints in Laminated Cotton!

Color Combo: Tea Garden laminates by Deena Designs 
Color Combo: Faux Bois. Walnut, Rosewood and Birch
Color Combo: Woodsy. Rosewood and brown gingham oilcloth. 
The yellow dots just make me happy! 
The light blue dot has a different value to it, it's a bit grey but it would still work great with the blue hibiscus.