Monday, May 2, 2011

Color Combo's: Picnic Time

Walnut Wood Grain, Red Gingham, Brown Gingham, and Cherries on White

The other day I had to pull out these four oilcloth prints for a few different orders. As I was carrying them to the cutting table and couldn't help but think that they would be great used together. I soon came up with images of having a picnics outside my imaginary and quaint cabin by the make-believe lake. (Of course there's a dock and a row boat along the grassy shore.)

Ahhh....sounds lovely doesn't it? I can see an oilcloth picnic mat made with the red gingham that is sprinkled with cherry appliques now! And a vintage picnic basket  is lined with all four prints! Summer! All I need is the cabin and the lake...

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