Monday, May 30, 2011

Look what I made...

I needed a web ad for Craftiness is not Optional blog that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago, your remember the super cute Bapron! I knew the hubby was just too busy, so I figured how hard could it be?

I purchased the fancy decorative frames from Pixal Paper's Etsy shop and layered them on top of the Red Fruity wall paper that Don used for the all of our other OCA branding. I love it, even if Don says it not on "brand." But hey, it's done and it's pretty! I'll change the fonts later and it'll be even better. By the way, did you ever here the ending of the shoe makers son story? Well, the son gets to tired of being barefoot he starts making his own shoes!!! ; )

Please head over to Jess's blog and shop and check out all her cute patterns for boys and girls, it all so cute I almost wish my kids were toddlers again.

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Jess said...

aw thanks! I just finished up some Baprons with the laminated cotton you sent, and I can't wait to post them! Probably this week. They turned out great. :)