Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mr. Modern June's Easter Trickets

If you've seen my Life Made Lovely's house tour you know that I have a lot of great vintage goodies in my house that came from my Mother-In-Law. Today I want so share with you my hubbies Easter trinkets from his childhood. I'm so glad that Jackie saved all the sweet things.
After having these on my mantle for the last few weeks, I dug through our Easter bin and wondered what my kids might treasure when they have homes of their own. Hmm... that's a fun thing to think about.
I love these sweet little bunny and egg. Chippy vintage goodness.
This sweet set of bunny love was a recent purchase. Don grew up with a rabbit family like this Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. Sadly, one of his siblings scored the bunny family. He's been hunting Ebay for a the whole family. Hopefully we'll find a sister and brother so our sweet little family will be complete. 

 I hope you all enjoyed a lovely day with your peeps!


Friday, April 18, 2014

Blog Tour Wrap Up

I can't thank the following bloggers enough for all the love and support you've given me in the last 10 days!! Many kisses and hugs to those that posted and commented, you've make this book release so very special.
Modern June!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blog Tour Stop 10: Creating a Mood

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The winner is #13!!

Congrats to Jusmom1


On August 27, 2011, the week my first book was released, the East Coast was visited by Hurricane Irene. Sadly, Irene dropped a 100 year old tree on the back of our home before leaving Richmond, VA. It was a terrifying night, thankfully we were all in the same room together and as far away from impact as possible. The next afternoon I attended my book release party in shock while my husband found tree guys and dealt with the insurance company.

Sometime within the 7 months that it took to reno our home I realized that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade. Well, let me tell you, I was given a whole lot of lemons!! Once I had a new roof, ceilings and plaster walls I was able to have new paint. New paint color means makeover in my world. Thus, the concept of At Home with Modern June was born. 

The tree fell on the back of the house, it was so big you could only see the tippy top of the chimney. Early on that fateful day I had spent the day sewing away in my home studio, looking out the window at the tree swinging from side to side. I had a horrible feeling and I got out of that room as quickly as I could. Here's a look at the studio reno photos. 

Enough with the doom and gloom, let's fast forward to what that home studio looks like today! Bright new windows allow the light to shine into my sewing cave! Pot lights replaced the ugliest and most ineffectual light fixture of all time. Once this room was done, I was able to get to work sewing up a new home for my family! 

In At Home with Modern June have an entire chapter devoted to chapter devoted to sewing/creating for a creative space. There is an Ironing Table and a Sewing Supply Case (featured on Crafty Pod). As well as an Embroidered Pincushion and a Sewing Machine Cover. My favorite project is my GIANT Mood Board!! 
This mood board saved my mind, it helped me sort my thoughts when writing the table of contents.  The inspiration and the materials were all sorted by room and project, so it served as a visual reminder of what went where. The color story it told kept me on track.
Today I am giving away a copy of my book and a pretty bundle of ribbons so you can make your own mood board! Please leave a comment so you are entered to win. Tell us what your planning to make next and what your inspiration is?


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tour: The Crafty Camper!

Love the fun patterns on this oilcloth! 
Yesterday I showed you have to make the Scrappy and Simple Buntings that I made for a very cool camper. Well!! Today, we are going to tour that Crafty Camper! Please note that the photos below where shamelessly swiped from Kelly Elko's wondrous blog, Eclectically Vintage. All photo credit's go out to Kelly, the other Kelly! Here's her tour post!

These photos were take at the Philadelphia Home Show, where Denise from The Painted Home, debuted her Crafty Camper. As you can see below I had a fun decking out the 1972 Shasta with Modern June goodies!
  The Crafty Camper - take the tour of this mobile DIY workshop!
 Aren't my oilcloth and chalk cloth banners fabulous swinging off this camper?

Cute oilcloth pillows - love the vintage camper!

I made a few specialty pillows out of oilcloth for the camper too. More about them soon! Our regular  oilcloth pillows are available on our new website,!

Oilcloth pillows and buntings - such a fun retro look!

I also made the camper some oilcloth seat cushions using my pattern in Sewing with Oilcloth! The laminated cotton throw pillows are made using the pillow cover pattern in my latest book At Home with Modern June. My pillow cover pattern uses an invisible zipper--it's so easy that even I can do it! Those that have worked for me know that I don't DO zippers! (ie, I did them poorly until now!!)

Peek inside a 1972 Shasta vintage camper completely renovated

Check out the Scrappy and Simple Bunting hanging on the window, what a fun way to create some interest, both inside and out. I can almost see them swaying in the breeze now!  

Galvanized bucket sink
There is so much more to be seen! Again, check out Kelly's entire tour here! Then head over to the Crafty Camper website to see when camper is in your area doing DIY classes! Eek!! You can rent this as well!! Also, for the part I like best!! If you go way back to Denise's December and January photos on Facebook you can see some great before and during photos of the Shasta!