Friday, December 12, 2014

Dana Made It + Oilcloth
You all know Dana from the popular Made blog, right? Of course you do! She's the talented blogger that brought us orange lace oilcloth slip covered bar stools and many more great oilcloth creations of the years. 
Dana is also the author of the book called Fabrics A to Z and The Fabric Selector. Dana believes that no fabric should be feared so she and Kate from See Kate Sew have teamed up  for a new series called Don't Fear the Fabric!
Dana has been focusing on Oilcloth and Kate has been sharing tips, tricks and tutorials about leather. I love this combo, in fact I think it's perfect. When I was a costumer for film and theatre (B.M. - Before Motherhood) I specialized in tailoring. In the 90's it was very popular for classical productions to have a modern look and leather was the fabric of choice for many costume designers. For example, I was on a team that made a dozen leather pants for an opera St. Louis Opera. I believe it was this set of sewing skills that have made me fearless enough to become Modern June, Oilcloth Addict!

Dana covered the the how to's for working with oilcloth,  
Cute and easy oilcloth coasters.
A simple geo banner.

A fun no-sew project - Oilcloth Planters

She's also giving away a great gift from Modern June for two of her readers. Head over to to enter to win a copy of my Sewing with Oilcloth book and a four pack of fat quarters of oilcloth!

Happy sewing!!


Belinda said...

Thought you might like to see pics of some of my Oil Cloth Projects. It was your book that inspired me & made me love working with Oil Cloth.
All of my totes start with your Farmer's Market Tote as a starting point. Thank you!

Sahara said...

I was one of the winners of that giveaway! I'm so excited to try to make something with oilcloth now! Thank you so very much for sponsoring it!:)