Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pairings: Santa and Aqua Cherry Oilcloth

Not every holiday gathering requires the fine china and freshly pressed linens. Come events are just for fun and no fuss, for those parties it's all about the paper plate! Besides some of these paper plates on the market are just so stinking cute that people like me just can't refuse them!!

Recently I've started hosting a craft night with some of my friends at the Modern June studio, we lovingly call it Stitch and Bitch! Every few Friday's we gather up our current craft project, some hors d'oeuvres, a bottle (or 2) of wine and sit around crafting and chatting the night away.

I've been using large scarps of oilcloth to cover one of the cutting tables at MJHQ to add a little cheer and for easy clean up. Food on the cutting table is normally a big no-no! Last week I showed up with my super cute Santa plates from Target and I knew right away which oilcloth to use, Aqua Cherry!! How cute is this combo? Tablecloths don't have to scream Christmas to totally rock the holiday spirit!

Oilcloth is the best for quick and easy decorating. And it's pretty darn cheep too! Use it for the buffet table and for the craft table. Just grab a few yards of oilcloth and cut it down to size. For this craft night, I started with 2 yards of oilcloth and I cut it down the center; in other words I cut it in half lengthwise. Oilcloth does not fray, so I didn't have the hem the edges. It's just a simple cut and go project!

I used a 24" x 72" piece of oilcloth for a table runner on the cutting table and I the other half could have been used on the project tables if they weren't already covered. Clean up was a breeze, I just wiped it down with a gentle household cleanser and a paper towel. Once is air dried, I rolled it up to store it for next time. 

Come back for more of my holiday ideas soon!

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