Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Q and A: Oilcloth vs. Flannel Backed Vinyl

Q:  How would you compare Oilcloth vs. Flannel Backed Vinyl to each other? Whats different?

A: Night and day!

They are both vinyl, but that's where the comparison stops.

The back of oilcloth is impregnated with a cotton mess or scrim, this gives oilcloth it's edge over the flannel backed vinyl. The scrim gives oilcloth strength, because of it oilcloth can hold a stitch where the other can not. Trust me I tried making totes out of some cheap talbelcoths that I bought on clearance and they ripped right away. It was a total waist of 75 cents!

Flannel backed vinyl is very thin and quick to tear, I have oilcloth tablecloths that I have been using at shows for nearly 6 years and they have held up and look great.

Oilcloth is much better product overall. My mother-in-law used to buy a new flannel backed tablecloths from a big box store four times a year. This killed me, so for mothers day one year I made her an oilcloth tablecloth. That was about 4 years ago, so I figure that my gift has saved her (and the landfill) 16 cheap tablecloths.

Check out what is oilcloth and how to care for it for more info on oilcloth!!

Hope this helps,

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday Sale

I hope you all had a lot of yummy turkey, sweet pie and good family time.

In honor of Cyber Monday
all our oilcloth and chalk cloth has been marked down $1.50. 

No through Monday 11-26-12 at midnight!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coming Soon!!

Photo Credit: Amy Butler Designs
Did you hear? Amy Butler has new laminated cottons coming out in December and I can't wait!! We'll be getting all 6 prints as soon as they ship. See more prettiness on Amy Butler Designs Facebook page.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Flash Back: Thankgiving meets chalk cloth!!

Custom Chalk Cloth Table Topper

Last week I made myself a last minute Chalk Cloth Table Topper for our Thanksgiving table, now, this is different then my Modern June Table Topper because this one is made to fit the entire top of my dinner room table.  I don't know what was better how easy the project was to do or how much fun was had at our Thanksgiving Dinner.  Let me tell you, even the In-Laws loosen up and joined in on the coloring fun!  Sweet!

What ya gotta have:

  • a length of Chalk Cloth a bit longer than you table
  • a good pair of scissors
  • some double stick tape
  • white pencil 
  • a random book or box 

Step one:  Roll out your chalk cloth and line it up on your table.
You don't want it sliding around, so use some double stick tape to keep in place.

Step two:  Since you are going to be marking the bottom of the oilcloth from the underside you will want to use a box or book as a hard surface to draw against.

Step three:  mark the shape of the entire table.


Step four:  Cut it up!

Step five:  Use double stick tape to adhere topper to table.

DISCLAIMER... Please make sure this doesn't hurt your table top, try
this out in a unseen spot before doing this on the top of your table.

 Step six:  Now that your all cut to size, set the table, grab some chalk
and invite your friends over for a great time!

I am dying to know what you all think, so tell me, what event would you use this for?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Lamianted Cottons

Pretty new laminated cotton from Sis Boom's new fabric line Happy Land 
is now on sale at Oilcloth Addict