Monday, November 30, 2009

Custom Chalk Cloth Table Topper

Last week I made myself a last minute Chalk Cloth Table Topper for our Thanksgiving table, now, this is different then my Modern June Table Topper because this one is made to fit the entire top of my dinner room table.  I don't know what was better how easy the project was to do or how much fun was had at our Thanksgiving Dinner.  Let me tell you, even the In-Laws loosen up and joined in on the coloring fun!  Sweet!

What ya gotta have:

  • a length of Chalk Cloth a bit longer than you table
  • a good pair of scissors
  • some double stick tape
  • white pencil 
  • a random book or box 

Step one:  Roll out your chalk cloth and line it up on your table.
You don't want it sliding around, so use some double stick tape to keep in place.

Step two:  Since you are going to be marking the bottom of the oilcloth from the underside you will want to use a box or book as a hard surface to draw against.

Step three:  mark the shape of the entire table.


Step four:  Cut it up!

Step five:  Use double stick tape to adhere topper to table.

DISCLAIMER... Please make sure this doesn't hurt your table top, try
this out in a unseen spot before doing this on the top of your table.

 Step six:  Now that your all cut to size, set the table, grab some chalk
and invite your friends over for a great time!

I am dying to know what you all think, so tell me, what event would you use this for?


debi said...

I love chalkcloth! I use it on my lunch bags on etsy! The tablecloth is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely do this on the kids' table at stops the squabbles about where they sit, and keep them at the table, hopefully, for just a little longer!

Anonymous said...

I would totally use this on the kids' table this would stop the squabbles about who's sitting where and keep them entertained for a bit longer too!

Ira said...

Hi Kelly,

isn't this just lovely! And it's not just for kids either :-) I wouldn't mind using it myself. I've been following you - invisibly - for a while now and I think that you just make gorgeous stuff! Would you like to hop over to the Netherlands, I mean my blog? I've got something for you!

Hugs, Ira

kampinga said...

Oh I like this, what a great idea! I'd use it for my childrens' birthday party teas. How cool is that, getting to draw on the table with your friends... (off to put this on calendar for when dreaded birthday parties have to be organized..;-)...)

Katie said...

What a fun idea! I love it! :) said...

Wow, this looks like so much fun, I love it! Thanks for another great idea, I'll be linking.

sara's art house said...

I LOVE this so much! I would use this all the time. It would be fun to draw place settings on and this would help my 3 yr old when she is setting the table.

Kelly said...

LOVE the idea...I'm going to use it during the joyschool class I teach to 10 three year olds!

Astrid said...

What a neat idea! Is there double sided sticky tape that doesn't hurt the finish on tables? Did the tape come off easily afterwards?

Melissa at said...

LOVE this idea. So cute! And how much fun? Can you wash the chalk cloth? Or is it just "wipe clean" like oil cloth. I'm just wandering what would happen if you had a major spill at the table. How does it clean up?

Kelly said...

Astrid... the double stick tape did not hurt my table, but PLEASE try in out on underside first.

Melissa... yes, chalk cloth is like oilcloth you need to whip clean.

everyone... thanks for the love!

Mrs G said...

I'm interested in using chalkcloth to cover an unsightly table top. Does is feel like oilcloth or like a chalkboard or something in between? Thanks!

Kelly said...

It's not shiny like oilcloth, it has a mat finish and is heavier like the vinyl found at the local fabric store, it's really fun!

kenneth said...

This looks really fun. Is the fabric too stiff to have it drape over the table like a traditional tablecloth?

Kelly said...

Kenneth, you are correct! It's just a bit to thick and has little drape to it so that's why I just did the topper.

If you make something like this take a pic and show it off.

Lynne said...

Great! I love it! I have used the chalkcloth for my food photography for awhile now and really love using it! An example-