Saturday, July 2, 2011

Round Up: Color Combos

Color Combo: Great Pairs   Red and Yellow Fruity oilcloth's are great with all the reds, both gingham and dots! The navy gingham is really great too! Blue forever is wonderful with the reds too.
Blue hibiscus is great with the yellow gingham and it works with all the red prints as well.
Pink lace and pink polka dots great too!
Zoya Lime looks great with the pink dot, gingham and lace. I love the Zoya with the yellow gingham too.
 Color Combo: Picnic Time Walnut Wood Grain, Red Gingham, Brown Gingham, and Cherries on White
Color Combo: Perfectly pink  Pink dot, perky pink gingham (left), pink lace, dusty pink gingham (right)
Color Combo: Blue and Green Laminated Cottons Here are all the pretty laminated cotton's that look great with the Hop Dots in green and blue!  Starting at the top center print and moving clockwise: Slim Dandy Strip, Navy Tea Garden Floral, Passion Lily Fern, Emerald Temple Tulips, and Picnic Bouquet Gold.
Color Combo: Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane prints in Laminated Cotton!

Color Combo: Tea Garden laminates by Deena Designs 
Color Combo: Faux Bois. Walnut, Rosewood and Birch
Color Combo: Woodsy. Rosewood and brown gingham oilcloth. 
The yellow dots just make me happy! 
The light blue dot has a different value to it, it's a bit grey but it would still work great with the blue hibiscus.


Ellen Lefkowitz said...

We are looking to give someone a laminated cotton tablecloth as a gift and want an easy way for young children to decorate it. Can you recommend some markers or paint that would be easy to use and would be permanent on the laminated cotton.

Kelly McCants said...

Hello Ellen,

I would give the kids a bunch of sharpies and let them go for it!