Monday, March 28, 2011

Q & A: Threads

Photo Credit: Martha Bernabe

From time to time I get some really great questions! Here is another good one from Rosies!

Question: What type of thread do you suggest for laminated cotton? Oilcloth? (and chalk cloth)

Answer: Any old all-purpose thread that you have laying around will work. If you're going out to buy new thread for your project, I recommend that you go with Gutterman. Coats and Clark is fine, but if you sew for a living (like all day, everyday), I have found that Coats and Clark can make your machine a little linty. Sometimes the color and the price of Coats and Clark is just too good to pass up though, so I'll get that in a pinch.

Happy Sewing!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

OCA Sewing Tip: Top stitching with Teflon Presser Feet

I bought a Teflon presser foot for a photoshoot for my upcoming book, Sewing with Oilcloth, that's due out in August. So, when I was making a laminated cotton apron the other day, I was pleased to have this on hand. I've always just made due with my roller foot,  but let me tell you this bad boy was worth all $48 of the precious dollars that it cost me (Bernina presser feet always cost a fortune, but not every company has such high prices for specialty feet).

Top stitching a pocket onto my laminated cotton apron was a totally breeze once I switched feet. Laminated Cotton has a tendency to get caught up under a normal presser foot or a roller foot--because of this I've ended up with little pinches and tiny pleats in my past attempts at top stitching (not pretty, not acceptable!). If you don't have a fancy Teflon Foot and don't want to invest in one, try out the tape trick, it helps a lot!!!

Happy sewing,

Monday, March 14, 2011

Great idea! Oilcloth Upholstered Bench

I love this project, even if it makes me regret that I got rid of our own big, over-sized foot stool a couple of years ago.  Hannah from Angel Babies, Paint and Cookies reupholstered a tired old bench with the brown lace oilcloth. See the before, after and the how it's done here!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Great idea! Pillows with Chalk Cloth Applique!

Look what I found by chance yesterday... Merriment Designs walks you through her super cute pillows that are decked out with playful chalk cloth appliques! How cute are these? Grab a fat quarter for chalk cloth and some pretty cotton and get going!
Merriment Designs COPYRIGHT NOTE: You’re more than welcome to use this project and pattern for your own personal use. Please post a comment below or email me if you use this project so I can smile when I see that it’s being used. Craft and pass it on!