Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holiday Tutorial Series -- Small Circular Tablecloth for Halloween

Creating a small circular tablecloth with oilcloth is very simple, since oilcloth doesn't fray you can leave the edge cut.  Yes, that is right this is a no-sew project!!!  In this tutorial I will walk you though the process of making a cute holiday tablecloth.

My table is 27 inches and I wanted a 10 inch drop for my spooky tablecloth, I simply plugged in the my dimensions into the following formula.

drop x 2 + diameter of table= finished tablecloth 

10" x 2 + 27" =47"

Please note that oilcloth measures between 47-48 inches wide, this tutorial is only for small tables.  We will chat about about larger tablecloths later.

tools of the trade:
A square of Oilcloth
measuring devise, yard stick or measuring tape
pencil and Sharpie
regular scissors, pinking shears or rotary cutter
fancy scallop blade (optional)

Starting off with a square of oilcloth, fold piece into quarters.

Finger press center

Lightly mark center with pencil. Please note, a heavy mark will show through on the polka dot oilcloth. Unfortunately, I know this from experience!  Oops!

Begin this next step by opening up your fabric once.  I like to do half of the circle at a time.  This way you can get a much better cut and in the end a much nicer tablecloth.

My finished tablecloth is going to be 47 inches so divided that number by two to get 24 1/2.  I mark that onto my tape measure with a heavy line to make sure I don't forget my half mark.  Now line your half mark with the center mark and begin to mark the outer edge (hem) for your tablecloth.

I like to use the edge of the tape measure to use small lines placed close together.

Next use a Sharpie to connect the dots and create a heavy line.

Cut just inside the heavy line.

Fold you oilcloth back in to quarters and mark the second half of your circle.

Once you have the second half marked open up you fabric and cut inside the line once more.

I like the scalloped edge that this rotary cutter blade adds to the simple tablecloth, of course you can use plain scissors or pinking shears to create a lovely tablecloth.
I am of two minds, use what you have and buy more toys!

Every day look for fall.

Tricked for Halloween!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Crazy Oilcloth Rag Rug!

Let me preface this post with this disclaimer!  I am crazy busy with Modern June and a bit loopy for it.  I'm not complaining about the mountain  of orders both retail and wholesale -- especially this day and age -- I am just very tired.  On Saturday I as I was cutting down 98 oilcloth placemats to size I couldn't help but see a project in the scraps on the floor.  So I started a rag rug.  I know it is goofy, right?

I think this would be great by the back door, out on the porch.  Totally weather-proof, and I feel better about my local land fill!  For directions Check out this list of links on Craft Gossip!   Now that I see how it is really done I will start over, my first attempt is so messy!

If you want to join me in Crazy-Rag-Rug-Land I am sure I can hook you up with some stripy scraps!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Show and Tell - Sugarpacs Diaper Bag

All the other new mommies with be so jealous when they see Colleen's, from Sugarpac, new diaper bag!

I love the Black Paradise Lace with the plum, genius and gorgeous!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to School Tutorial Series --- OIlcloth Portfolio Pattern

Check out this great Oilcloth Portfolio from Flower Girl Designs, complete with lots of pockets. (I like a good pocket!) The handle makes it perfect for the 'on the go' student or momma!  Get Dorinda's PDF pattern from her Etsy shop, while you are there check out the other great patterns as well.