Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Oilcloth Alfresco Series, Chalk Cloth Menu Board

Well this tutorial is long over due tutorial.   It is an easy-peasy one, one I have wanted to do for two months now.   I started out with an old framed print that I found at Goodwill, while the print wasn't my style the frame was a good color and it was a perfect shape and size for the space.   I had hoped that I could find something in my attic because free is so much better than cheap but no luck, it you ask around I am sure you can find something free.   

Stuff you gotta have:
  • 1/2 yard of chalk cloth 
  • old framed print
  • pliers
  • screwdriver
  • scissors 
  • tape measure
  • duck tape
  • spray adhesive 

1)  Give your frame a good whip down and remove any screws and brads.  

2)  Pieces and parts... discard the print and your left with the plexi-glass and cardboard

3)  Use cardboard insert as template, cut chalk cloth an inch and a half larger then insert.

4)  Spray Mount the chalk cloth onto cardboard.  

5)  Do some fancy cutting and then tape corners around to the back of the cardboard insert.  Don't worry about the corners looking to perfect, they will be well hidden.  

6)  Cure your chalk cloth before put everything back together.  For full instructions see the "cure me" post!  

7)  Now it is time to slid it all back together.  Chalk Cloth/Cardboard combo goes in first and then the plexi-glass.  Bend the brads back in place locking the menu board into the frame.  

All that is left it to plan your menu and invite some of your close friends over it is BBQ time!  

Kelly's Easy-Peasy Potatoes 

Cut up new potatoes into bite size pieces.  Place in a bowl, salt (Kosher) and pepper to taste and toss with butter and fresh rosemary.   Using heavy-duty recycled foil  make a little potato packet.  Wrap it up tight and throw it on the grill about 10 minutes before the meat and it should be done by the time you have the table set.   Careful opening the package up, don't let the steam get ya!  

This was the first dish that I mastered when I started grilling.   A friend used to make it the summer I worked at St. Louis Opera.  We had nightly cookouts on our high-rise rooftop, while looking out across downtown, we had the best view of the Arch!    It was very fun, every night was a party!  Any way this dish still remains one of my favorite "go to" side dishes.   

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oilcloth boy

Whatever you do don't ever tell my son you saw this photo! He would never let me snap another shot!  This is top secret, if I were a better Momma I wouldn't post it for the world to see, but how cute is this guy?  I came up from the studio and found him jumping around the house! We had to cut him out. Too funny!

Monday, June 22, 2009

World's Best Dad!

Originally uploaded by ModernJune

Grab an Oilcloth Addict Charm Pack and make your own one of a kind greeting to make every holiday just a bit more colorful! Adhere to way with poster-putty.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Oilcloth Alfresco Series, NO-SEW Chalk Cloth Bunting!

Todays project is a NO-SEW Chalk Cloth Bunting!   Even those of us that have been sewing for (WAY to many) decades love a good no-sew project.  With just a few tools and a little chalk and oilcloth you can make a cool banner that you will use at all of your parties and celebrations for years to come!   I hope you enjoyed making it as much as I did!  

The number of banner pieces you will need depends on your desired greeting, think Birthdays, Graduations, and Barbecues!  

stuff you gotta have:  
  • 1/2 yard of Chalk Cloth yields 15 banner pieces.  
  • 3 Fat Quarters of Oilcloth, each F. Q. yields 6 pieces. 
  • Rotary Cutter, ticked out with fancy blade!
  • Cool Ruler
  • Cutting Mat
  • 2 spools of 1/4" ribbon 
  • cloths pins (optional)
  • chalk and a white colored pencil 

step one.  Cut chalk cloth 6" by 8" and oilcloth slightly larger at 6 1/4" by 8".   By doing so you get a peak of the back side of the oilcloth--it hints that there is something fun to be seen from the back too.  

step 2.  Once you have all your pieces cut out clip them together.

step 3.  Use white colored pencil to mark your cutting line.  Careful not to clip to close to the edge.  

step 4.  Fold both layers of fabric and clip.

step 5.  You're now ready to string the ribbon through the slits.  I like wrapping the end of the ribbon with a piece of tape to make this easier to work with, think flat shoe lace tips.   Alternate the look by sliding the ribbon in from the top and then on the next piece come up from the bottom.  

step 6.  Now you are ready to chalk it up!  

It should say Happy Summer!  

Everyone wants a pretty backside!  

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Oilcloth Alfresco Series, Picnic Mat

While I finish up a few more summer tutorials for this next week and while I impatiently wait for some much deserved sunshine I thought I would repost the Picnic Mat Tutorial from March!


After reading the new book by EllynAnne Geisel, The Kitchen Linens Book: Using, Sharing, and Cherishing the Fabrics of Our Daily Lives, I just had to make this pretty picnic mat for my family. The day my family spent flying kites in a wet field I knew we needed one of these, but it was the section on picnics that made the idea a reality. My philosophy for both shops Modern June and Oilcloth Addict is that small things in life help to make big memories. I know EllynAnne feels the same way. Linens of all types evoke fond memories.

Check out my review of the book at Sew Mama Sew! Don't forget to leave a comment after reading the post, Sew Mama Sew is giving away 6 books!!!

Be aware my mat is a big one, 8' x 8', just great for a family of four. Feel free to scale up or down for your needs.

Stuff you gotta have:
4 yards of oilcloth, seen in Lime Green Gingham 
fat quarter of a fun fruity oilcloth pattern, appliques are from the Apples and Pears Oilcloth
Rotary cutter
Ruler or yard stick
Gypsy Gripper, an optional tool I can not live with out.

step 1. Cut cut out your appliques and take your four yards of oilcloth and cut it into two equal parts ( two, two yard pieces)

step 2. Pin your appliques in the correct corners. You are doing this first so don't have to wrangle that big mat under the machine like it did! Trust me do it now while it is in pieces!

step 3. Sew your appliques into place.

Tip! When turning sharp corners leave your needle in the down, lift pressure foot and then turn.

step 4. Sew your two sides together making a large 8 foot square. Sew right sides together using a 1/2 SA. I suggest you place your machine on the largest table you have, this is a lot of oilcloth, a large table will help support the bulk and keep you happy.

step 5. Lay oilcloth face up roll both sides of the up so you can easily get to your seam. Nowfinger press your seam off to the left. There is no need to pin.

step 6. Back at the machine you are going to want to do an edge stitch off to the left. This is going to strengthen your seam and substitute not being able to iron. This will help that seam behave. As you stitch make sure both sides of the seam are off to the left.

Tip! I like to use the inside edge of the presser foot as a guide to keep my top stitch straight.

step 7. Fold you hem up one inch and sew one side, then do a faux mitered corner. Or better yet check out this tut for the real thing. I wish I had looked that up when I was sewing up the hem.

Note! Oilcloth does not fray so you could leave this edge raw or pink the edges. I hemmed the mat to help give it body and weight. Wind can ruin a picnic so I figure every bit helps.

step 8. Clean up. Oilcloth is very easy to clean, simply whip clean with a damp cloth. EllynAnne has a great tip for easy clean up at a picnic, she suggests that we eat on and extra tablecloth so when you are done you can wrap it all up and take it home. This leaves the picnic mat ready for relaxation time.

step 9. Storage. Keep the creases away by folding it in half and then rolling it up. Your local fabric shop should happily give you their empty cardboard rolls.

Picnic season is coming, Happy Spring!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Oilcloth!

Oilcloth Addict is happy to announce the latest addition to our floral oilcloth selection! Blue Hibiscus, to celebrate we are offering a 20% discount on that pattern for the next week, just mention "Blue20" at check out and wait for an adjusted invoice.

Great Idea, Oilcloth at the Yard Sale

Photo Credit: Today Show

Yesterday the Today Show featured one of the my favorite junk loving designers, Sue Whitney! Sue is one of the talented ladies behind Junk Market Style! I have long been a fan, eating up the books and magazine features. Much of my decor deserves their credit!

Sue was on the show giving us loads of great tips for selling our extra junk at yard sales! But what got the attention of one of our wonderful customers was the oilcloth that she used through out the yard sale set. There was lot of bright and fun oilcloth used on the tables and signs! For the tables she used brightly colored oilcloth yardage to draw in customers. I love what she did for the signage, she pulled out the flower patten from the oilcloth and got crafty! By doing so one is sure to intrigue any and all lookie loo's, I mean when someone goes that far to attract attention, you gotta think that they are going to have some fantastic loot for sale! It is all about the details, isn't it?

Check out the Today Show video on the Junk Market Style Website and then go and see the still photos on the Today Show Site!

And a big thanks goes out to you all that are keeping me informed about all the great oilcloth press and projects that are out there. Joe, you were so kind to let me know about this! To every reader, thanks for hanging out and most of all thanks for your constant support.