Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Idea, Oilcloth at the Yard Sale

Photo Credit: Today Show

Yesterday the Today Show featured one of the my favorite junk loving designers, Sue Whitney! Sue is one of the talented ladies behind Junk Market Style! I have long been a fan, eating up the books and magazine features. Much of my decor deserves their credit!

Sue was on the show giving us loads of great tips for selling our extra junk at yard sales! But what got the attention of one of our wonderful customers was the oilcloth that she used through out the yard sale set. There was lot of bright and fun oilcloth used on the tables and signs! For the tables she used brightly colored oilcloth yardage to draw in customers. I love what she did for the signage, she pulled out the flower patten from the oilcloth and got crafty! By doing so one is sure to intrigue any and all lookie loo's, I mean when someone goes that far to attract attention, you gotta think that they are going to have some fantastic loot for sale! It is all about the details, isn't it?

Check out the Today Show video on the Junk Market Style Website and then go and see the still photos on the Today Show Site!

And a big thanks goes out to you all that are keeping me informed about all the great oilcloth press and projects that are out there. Joe, you were so kind to let me know about this! To every reader, thanks for hanging out and most of all thanks for your constant support.

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