Friday, July 1, 2011

Round Up: Oilcloth Covered Tables

I spend a lot of time searching my own blog for information so I know you must get really frustrated. So in an attempt to fix this I am creating Project Round Ups for the top projects I've featured on my blog. There are Show and Tell, Great Idea,  Q and A, I spy Oilcloth features along with my own projects all corralled by subject.

I'll start with the oilcloth covered table's that I've featured.

Here's the lovely oilcloth cover table project from Farm Chicks book, Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. You can find the How To here.  Serena used a heavy duty hand held stapler to attach the oilcloth to the table, much like I covered this bench.
Elyse's oilcloth covered kitchen tablecloth is applied to the table with painters tape. She's a mom with two active boys and this technique lasted two years, when she switched from red polka dotted to white dots on red. Elyse also has a very lovely Etsy shop called Tinkered Treasures  
Elyse's oilcloth covered kitchen tablecloth and her lovely home are  were featured in Fresh Cottage magazine.  
 Elyse's done it again, this time she's got a bit bolder with the dots on red print.
 This one comes from a fellow homeschooling mom, Jessica has saved an abused table by covering it with black and white gingham oilcloth.  How great is her at home school?
 I spied this oilcloth covered table on an episode of Top Chef!!!
Sandy, from 521 Lake Street, has done a great job making over a old thrift table into a wonderful craft table. And she used my favorite oilcloth print, I just love those perky cherries.


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I love those. Besides being so handy for wiping, I think the oilcloth adds a really fun, vintagey look.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Cool tables! I may have to try this!


Katie said...

Just discovered your blog whilst searching the net for a how-to on covering a table top with oil cloth! Im pleased to be follower 499!!! 500 here we come! Love Katie xx