Friday, April 9, 2010

Show and Tell - oilcloth covered table

How cute is Cottage's oilcloth covered table covered in red polka dotted oilcloth?  You have got to head on over there and check out her lovely blog, it's total eye candy!  Elyse also has a very lovely Etsy shop called Tinkered Treasures  


Elyse said...

hey kelly!

thank you so much!

i just read your profile and am glad that oilcloth has brought us together! (does juliana hatfield count as an angry girl/band? the muffs? - well - 1 angry girl)

loving the oilcloth. trying to think of fun things to make with the little scraps. bookmarks?

happy weekend!


love your groovy fun packaging, too.

elbmarie said...

I`m addicted to oilcloth and I love your pics....they inspire me and now I want to cover my table, too....;-)
Greetings from germany