Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Pantry and Laundry Room Project Quickie

This is so easy-peasy, you will love it. Line a lazy susan for all those small laundry products that you often have to dig for. My lazy susan came from a dear neighbors estate sale, but you can find them at target.

Stuff you gotta have:

1) Flip the lazy susan over and trace on the back side of the oilcloth

2) Using pinking shears cut 1/4" inside your circle. I did this since the base of the lazy susan was wider than it's tray. Check your lazy susan before cutting to make sure you know how much to cut off.

3) Now just drop it in and load it up! I choose not to glue or tape (double-sided) the liner in place. I did this for easy cleaning. Now if the fabric softener leaks I can take the liner out and whip it clean.

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