Monday, March 23, 2009

Pantry Project #1

Spring is here, a time for cleaning and fresh starts. I could wait no longer, it is time to conquer the messy pantry. Check back throughout the week, there will be more fun oilcloth projects in store for this pantry!

The supplies you gotta have:

  • enough oilcloth for the job
  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • adhesive putty or double sided carpet tape
  • clear packing tape.

1) Take a basic measurement of the your selves. As you can plainly see my shelves are old and battered so I plan to wrap the oilcloth up underneath, hide the evil that lurks beneath. To compensate for this I added a few extra inches, in length and width. Now just add up all your measurements and go order up some oilcloth!

2) I cut my oilcloth into 6 strips. My self is only 10 1/2" deep, but using a 47" x 12" piece of oilcloth allowed me to cut, trim and fold the oilcloth up under the shelf.

3) Cut around any trim, corners or stray fuse boxes with a craft knife.

4) Use the adhesive putty to secure the edges near the wall. In hindsight I would have liked to use double sided tape, perhaps carpet tape. I used what I had, the putty.

5) Now wrap up that shelf like an oddly shaped present! Using clear packing tape to secure it into place.

Now for the hard part, filling it back up in an orderly manner. No worries, I have several oilcloth project to help me get organized. See you tomorrow!


Frederiek said...

Instead of tape you could use a tacker or flat drawing pins (I hope this is the correct word for what we call a punaise :P). You can stretch the cloth over very neatly and it won't come off. Tape mostly loosens after some time and I find it not sticky enough on wood.

Kelly McCants said...

In hindsight I would have used my staple gun. But, believe it or not, that tape has lasted all this time. Almost 3 whole years, I've scrubbed it down more times that I care to remember and it even held up when that room took in water damage when a tree fell on that part of our home.

Honestly, I never thought the tape would have lasted more than a few months.

Frederiek said...

Good job then :)