Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pantry Project #3 Chalk Cloth Mason Jar

Here a fun and very easy project. I was at a big-box store the other day, I saw jars with chalk paint on them they were cute but costly. Once home it was time to get crafty! For the price of one store bought jar you would buy a fat quarter of chalk cloth, grab your stash of mason jars, add a bit of DYI action and you have yourself a whole set of customized jars.

Supply List:
fat quarter of chalk cloth
rotary cutter or pinking shears
hot glue gun
lots of great jars
chalk marker pen (optional)

1. Measure your jar and mark your chalk cloth

2. Use rotary cutter or pinking shears to cut a nice edge along your chalk cloth.

3. Starting in the back of your jar, hot glue one end on to the jar.

4. Wrap and glue one of chalk cloth strip into place.

These and many more are just waiting for a place in the pretty new pantry.


randi said...

What a great project! I have never even heard of chalk cloth.

I am on Etsy too selling quilting fabric. Just wanted to say "hi"! :)

DHB said...

Great idea! I wonder if it would work with chalkboard spray paint?

I may just have to give it a try.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Ginger said...

Love this idea with oilcloth.
Cute jars after too,
Thank you so much for the tutorial great job on the your blog love it.
Hugs happy Easter to you.