Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Great Idea: Baby Arpon Bib

This is the cutest darn thing I seen in ages. In fact, it's one of those projects that I wish I had thought of. It's perfect, right? Craftiness is not Optional has done a stunning job on her Bapron (baby apron) but we think it could be just a tiny bit more practical if it where made from laminated cotton, especially since we just got another bolt of Anna Maria Horner's Forest Hills print in yesterday!!!
Please head over to Jessica's terrific blog that she's filled up with tons super cute tutorials. Soooo.... cute!


Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

oooh gorgeous fabric! I wouldn't mind getting my hands one some of that! :D thanks for the feature!

Elegantpaws said...

Naw! So cute! Polka dots are gorgeous and this pattern is super cute. Thanks!

Kelly McCants said...

Elegantpaws, I totally agree that the polka dot print it totally cute! I was thinking that the laminated cotton would add practical benefits.

Now, add dots and laminated cotton and your really singing my song!!!

: )