Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chalk Cloth Gift Tags

This weeks winner is number 12,  our friend April!!

April wins an oilcloth fat quarter of her choice and a fat quarter of chalk cloth,
all she needs to make these fun holiday gift tags.
 Congrats April and thank you for your continued support!

Supply List:

Using your circles trace on to the back of your chalk and oilcloth.

Add your ornament top, I used my thumb as a guide. I know, very high tech,right? 
Cut out one chalk cloth circle and two ornaments for each gift tag.

Edge stitch chalk cloth tag onto top layer of oilcloth only.

You can opt to make a loop or insert two ties.
Pin ribbon in between the two layers of ornament pieces.

Edge stitch the two layers together.

Now, wasn't that easy?


Katie Lewis said...

These tags turned out so cute! What a great idea!

Unknown said...

Oh I love that you can reuse these over and over, thanks so much for the idea!

Kelly McCants said...

Thanks guys, it is such a quick project! I hope to make a ton for my family this christmas!

Anonymous said...

your family will totally love them... I never did get the sewing knack :( Give me a crochet anytime!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

Wow, these are fantastic! YAY for reusable! I'll be linking.

Anne said...

These are awesome!! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:


Mare said...

chalk cloth, is it just black oilcloth, or sth different? I live in Chile and have not seen chalk cloth, anywhere!

Kelly McCants said...

Chalk Cloth is a black vinyl product, it has the same cotton mesh that oilcloth has but it is not glossy like Oilcloth, it has a matt finish. It is a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, is has to be shipped rolled which makes if VERY expensive to ship out of the states.

Sara said...

I can't sew circles worth beans, so I made mine all straight lines. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarafoop/4163840550/
Incidentally, you can glue these together if you don't sew. I have my kids working on them right now.

Kelly McCants said...

the problem with glue oilcloth and chalk cloth has been it not drying in a timely manner. You may want to put in near your heat vent or on your radiator to speed up drying.

please let us know how it works out.

I am so excited to see you so inspired!

Can I please share you photos on my blog?

thanks, Kelly

Sara said...

Sure, though I am rather embarrassed about my messy house. My husband is a potter, my girls like craft projects and my living room is my sewing room, so there's not a lot of house cleaning happening around here.
I'll try the heater trick to get them to dry. We used washable school glue gel, which I was hoping would dry faster than white glue. Have you tried a low melt glue gun? I was going to get mine out but I didn't want to do that much supervision today.

Kelly McCants said...

Yes I have tried glue gun before, the glue does stick but it leaves bumps.

Becky O. said...

I know this is an old post, but I'm thinking of making these. Do you think using fusible web would work rather than sewing them? My cheapy sewing machine doesn't always like me. :)

Kelly McCants said...

You can't iron oilcloth so the fusible web won't work. Crafty Chica has had success gluing oilcloth. Check out this posting: http://thecraftychica.blogspot.com/2011/02/diy-oilcloth-covered-sneakers.html