Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tips for pinning oilcloth!

Pinning oilcloth together can be tricky.
You can leave puncture marks that may never go away. So here are some tricks of the trade.

Cloths pins can be great for adding a lining into an oilcloth tote. Instead of straight pins you just keep the two pieces together with good old cloths pins
and as you go along you just get take them off. Easy peasy!

I do use straight pins often, I only place them near the stitch line so any holes the pin may leave behind is along with the stitch line. Pinning with straight pins is hard of the hands if you have several layers. I often keep needle nose pliers near for taking the pins out,
this save my nails a bit. If I were smarter I would also use a thimble!

This is good for small projects like the upcoming label tutorial. They come off to easy for thick or large projects so beware in that case!

Binder clips are handy. But they will leave a crease so get to sewing soon. The longer the clip is on the deeper the groove left behind.

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Kelly said...

Great tips! Duct tape works great too if you are sewing face to face.