Monday, January 5, 2009

Great Ideas, make up bags

Do you all know about It is a "go to" site, if you are looking for some crafty tips that is the place to go to. Before Christmas Suzanne's Gift Jar Decorations Tut. was listed under the Decorating Ideas for Gift Jar Lids. I was thrilled because the Tip Nut Daily Summery perks up my inbox every day around 5:00 o'clock. You know I am a groupie.

Well today there way a list of 10 of their favorite make up bag tutorials. Perfect for OCA! I have picked out a few that I think would be killer in oilcloth.

While incredibly awesome in what might be a very sweet Japanese import,
I think that the Three Bears Make Up Tutorial would be great in oilcloth.

I really like the shape of this one. This is found on Craftster, it was posted by Queen of DYI!

This one looks nice and roomy, Come and see the Seitz

This one is really cute, I agree with tip nut that they would be perfect for party bags.
This Pyramid Bag tutorial can be found at Live Creatively (cool site!!!) and was designed by Nicole Mallalieu Desings. I am totally in love with her bags! Wow wee!!!

SEWING TIP: Oilcloth can be a bit hard to turn inside out so linings might be a challenge. If you are just starting out with oilcloth you may want to leave it unlined. At least for the first one, give that one to you Mom, she'll never know yours is cuter. ; )

Have fun and be creative today,


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