Monday, November 17, 2008

OCA Tutorial # 3 Chalk Dots by Suzanne of Silver Tree Art

What fun dots! We plan to use these on the walls for the next party, a smaller set as a matching game, and as a way to leave each other fun "notes" of good day wishes on the doors. For the holidays, you can add a grommet + string or punch a hole and use these as adorable reusable gift tags. Adding your own blend of colors to the mix makes these especially fun. Think of what you can applique these to!

To create, I recommend using a variety of household items and making this fun for you + kids. For fun, trace the rim of cereal bowls, serving bowls, candle holders, toys, games, etc. You can make a game of finding a variety of circular shapes around the house.

Materials List:

1/2 to 1 yard chalk cloth
4-6 fat quarters, depending on your color variety
black thread
circular shapes and/or compass for tracing

First, gather your materials. To assemble using your sewing machine, you'll need thread, pre-cut chalk circles in the same or varying sizes, larger pieces of oilcloth for the chalk cloth to be sewn onto, and a compass or slide ruler if you need precision.

I cut my chalk dots first and sewed them onto my oilcloth before cutting the oilcloth. However, if you are using a compass or circles of varying sizes, go ahead and cut out all your pieces. I like cutting my circles (like my silvertreeart circles brooches) free form by hand. You may need symmetry - do what's best for you and yours.

On the machine, I used the right edge of my quilting presser foot as a guide around the chalk cloth, sewing 1/4 inch inside the circle, sewing clockwise around the entire circle. Backstitch and trim as you overlap your thread.

I like using the black thread on the chalk cloth. It looks good and hides any imperfections. You may like a contrasting color.


Kelly here... Suzanne of Silver Tree Art had created this tutorial for us here at OCA! I am also very lucky to have her some of her creative energy in my studio here at home. Suzanne if full of great ideas and will be sharing those that are made with oilcloth here on the OCA blog! thanks girlie, you are the best!

As always OCA is dedicated to offering you great tips and projects. If you have an idea that would fit with in out blog please let us know. We would love to share your ideas too!

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