Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OCA Tutorial #1 "Not your Mama's Rubber Gloves"

Well I am so proud to announce our very first guest tutorial! The brilliant ladies at Little Birdies Secrets have just posted this great tutorial earlier this week. Well I did not hesitate one second to contact them, asking them (ready to beg them) for permission to borrow their wonderful post. The three ladies that run this great blog are dedicated to offing us creative, dyi projects. Little Birdies I can't thank you enough for sharing!

I have always admired these great gloves, what's not to love... pretty hands, rick rack AND oilcloth! I have always wanted a pair for myself and yet again I am tempted to make them for Modern June! cute, they could match our aprons!

But honestly right now I am thinking holidays!!! Specifically "Girl Friend Gifts"! How cool would that be? Fun and inexpensive. One yard of OCA oilcloth costs just under $7.00 and you can get 4 pairs of gloves out of it. I estimate that four presents would cost about $4.00 a piece!!! Now that is a great price for something totally kitsch and useful!

Now on with the tutorial...

This is one hilarious project. I love these dish gloves! For the lady that wants to stay fashionable at all times, even while cleaning. Think hostess gifts! Maybe pair them with a matching apron. . .

Not Your Mama's Rubber Gloves Tutorial

What you'll need:

Household rubber gloves (Walmart has white ones, Target has blue--check dollar stores, too)
Oil Cloth (¼ yd. cut is enough)
Ribbon or trim
Sewing machine
Hot glue gun

Okay, let's get started!

1. Put the gloves on and measure around the end (largest part of the glove that is on your arm). You want your finished, pleated oilcloth to be ½ an inch larger than this measurement. My gloves were 10 inches around so I wanted my pleated oilcloth to be 10 ½ inches long.

2. Cut your oilcloth. I cut my oil cloth to be 4 inches wide and approximately 37 inches long. Pleat the oilcloth by making small folds (about 1/4" to 1/2" long) and sewing over the fold across entire piece.

3. Take the short edges of the oil cloth, put them right sides together, and sew them using a ¼" seam. You should now have a ring of pleated oilcloth.

4. Slide the glove onto your sewing machine. Place the oilcloth wrong-side out on the machine over the glove, leaving a 1/2" of glove at the top, and stitch together.

5. This step is optional, but very cute. Use pinking shears to cut the unsewn, bottom edge of the oilcloth.

6. Hot glue coordinating ribbon around the glove, leaving two long tails on the top of the glove (if you want a bow). Tie the tails in a bow. Tip: It's easier to tie the bow if you can have someone else wear the gloves while you do it.

7. Go do those dishes like the hot mama that you are!

This tutorial was originally published at Little Birdies Secrets on November 3rd, 2008. Oilcloth Addict has posted it with their express permission. As always OCA is dedicated to offering you great tips and projects. If you have an idea that would fit with in out blog please let us know. We would love to share your ideas too!

Go get crafty!

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