Wednesday, October 29, 2008

OCA sewing tip #2: Presser Foot

When sewing with oilcloth it is as important to have the right presser foot. Oilcloth has tendency to crawl and to not want to stay put, this results in puckers at every pin. Using a roller foot or a teflon foot will help remedy this. When you use one of these handy presser feet you take some of the friction away and have less puckers in your seams.

My roller foot (number 51) is made for the Bernina machine it is a bit costly around $60.00. Suzanne, a Modern June stitcher and future blogger here on OCA, purchased the Bernina Teflon foot, the cost was around 26.00. But don't get upset just yet, I have another stitcher that uses a Kenmore machine and she lucked out, she found a roller foot at Joannes that fits her machine, the cost...$5.00! Now that is a steal!

Suzanne has used both the Bernina feet and likes them equally. She did say that it would be more convenient to use the roller foot because teflon feet are not to touch the feed dogs. She says she would have to think less!

Get creative and make something cool today!

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