Friday, October 24, 2008

OCA sewing tip #1: Needles

Let's get this party started! OCA sewing tips are here to help you make the best oilcloth project possible!

As in all sewing you have to start with a good needle, the OCA team prefers Schmetz Needles I can find them easily at our local Joanne's fabric store or check out Erica's online sewing shop for them too, she has them for 4.30 a 5 pack.

Now lets talk needle size...for general sewing I use a size 12, I switch to a size 8 needle when I do any top stitching.

check back for more sewing tips from the OILCLOTH ADDICT BLOG!

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SewAmy said...

I just "bookmarked" the blog. thanks.

IrishMom said...

HELP! I am new at oilcloth and cannot get my machine to cooperate.Can someone offer the correct combination of needle and thread? I have gone through several spools and all are breaking and the stitch is bunching. Any assistance is appreciated!

Kelly McCants said...

Maybe you should try a MICRO-TEX needle instead of a standard needle.

But it sounds like a tension issue. First lengthen you stitch length and see if that helps, if not play around with the tension dial. BE VERY CAREFUL, in some machines the tiniest turn of the tension dial can make all the difference. If this doesn't work out, let me know we'll talk some more.

Unknown said...

In 25+ years of sewing, I have never broken a needle. When making an oilcloth makeup bag, I broke 2! Any suggestions for needle type? I have heard that non-stick needles exist but can't find them anywhere.
Thanks for your help!

Kelly McCants said...

Go a bit slower and lengthen your stitch length to take the pressure off the feed dogs and the needle.

Let me know if that helps,