Friday, April 1, 2011

Q & A: Laminated Cotton as table cloth

Q:  I think this would be an amazing craft service tablecloth! I was wondering what the edges look like on the sides (of the laminated cotton). Are they finished?

A:  Your right, laminated cotton would be a great craft service tablecloth. It cleans up well, it's waterproof, it's wider than oilcloth (54"/55") and every single print is to die for!! Laminated cotton has selvedge edges just like a regular cotton fabric, but if you just cut it off with a regular pair of scissors (pinking shears would be great too) you'd be set.

Use a ruler and a pencil to create straight lines and square corners and then cut out your pretty new tablecloth. Laminated Cotton doesn't fray or curl up on the ends so you really don't need to hem or trim it. It's great if your in a rush or not sewing-inclined.

On another note: Like the new print? It's from Jennifer Pagenellie's (AKA Sis Boom) Honey Child fabric line. It's really dreamy. We'll be receiving this and two more coordinates in just a few days time!! I love me some pretty new laminated cotton, don't you?

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