Friday, February 5, 2010

Oilcloth Tip Roundup

In an effort to make sewing with Oilcloth fun and easy, we've gathered our tips for easy access. Gotta tip to share? Leave us a comment and we will pass it on to our readers!

Pressure Foot Tape Trick
Pressing Oilcloth Tip
How to Cure Chalk Cloth
Pinning Oilcloth Tip
Finger Pressing Oilcloth Tip
Best Presser Foot when sewing with Oilcloth
Best Needles for sewing with Oilcloth


Nancy Ward said...


Yesterday I posted an entry on my blog with a link to yours.

Would you let me know if that's OK?


Nancy Ward

Jill said...

Hi, not sure if anyone else has posted this tip but wanted to share something that has been helpful to me in making oilcloth tote bags. Since you can't press down seams with an iron, i started using masking tape to make the seams lay down flat. Since I line my totes with oilcloth, it doesn't show and you can sew right over the tape!