Thursday, April 30, 2009

OCA Sewing Tip #5---Pressing Oilcloth

We are well over due for a new oilcloth sewing tip, aren't we? Remember back a few months ago when we chatted about how to press oilcloth, well here is yet another technique that is very handy when you really need a crisp finish to an oilcloth project.

For a really good press ask Martha to lend a hand, my Martha Stewart Craft Book collection helps me ever time. Yesterday I needed to "press" a few dozen oilcloth dish gloves for a Modern June wholesale order so I grabbed a handful of my books and a nice big tray to do the job.

When you are faced with fluffy folds just neatly stack your project under the pile of large books.



Since I had a few dozen cuffs to contend with I made two stacks and then placed a wide tray under the books, then topped it with a heavy suitcase. Now just leave it there overnight and in the morning you will have a beautifully pressed project.

Now, go get crafty!


katie jean said...

great tip, thanks!!

Crystal J. Robinson said...

This is an awesome tip! FYI Sister Diane from CraftyPod, just tweeted this tip that was posted on craft. See here: Yay!

Anne said...

Brilliant!!! The best solutions are often the most simple ones.

I posted a link to your tutorial at Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

Janet said...

I sure wish that would work for wrinkled clothes!! LOL