Monday, February 16, 2009

Chalk Cloth Board Tutorial

Grab your staple guns girl cuz this weeks tutorial is fun and easy! The OCA Chalk Cloth Board is a cinch, anyone can do this in just minutes.

What you need:
Piece of plywood
Chalk Cloth
Staple gun

1) I started off by rummaging through our shed to find a large piece of plywood. I did this last year when I created this fun art piece for my home. Now that I have an obsession with chalk cloth I couldn't help but recover it in that great material.

If you do not have plywood laying around like most DYI junkies do you can find small pre-cut pieces of it at your local Lowes or Home Depot. If do not have the size you want you can have the guys cut it to the desired size for a small fee. Bat your eyes and smile and you might just get it cut for free.

2) Pick up some chalk cloth from us at OILCLOTH ADDICT. You will want your chalk cloth to measure 4-5 inches larger than your board.

3) Place your chalk cloth upside down and place your plywood in the center of the cloth.

4) Start on one of your long sides and staple it into place then do the opposite side. Move to the sides next.

5) Now it is corner time. Cut out a notch from the corner of the chalk cloth, this helps the chalk cloth lay flat and make a pretty corner. Because it is so thick I suggest shooting in a staple with in the fold.

6) Now angle your fold and staple it into place.

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