Tuesday, December 2, 2008

OCA Tutorial #5 Oilcloth Chain by Suzanne

Oh, it's the season to make paper chains. Only this year, use OILCLOTH from your favorite oilcloth vendor, Oilcloth Addict. I've already procured my stash of favorite oilcloth fabrics to create this amazing oilcloth chain which will be used in our family decorations.

4-6 fat quarters oilcloth, coordinating colors or patterns (1 yard per fat quarter*)
scissors or rotary cutter
pencil (or writing utensil to trace/mark)
translucent tape

Step 1: Gather your materials. Decide how you want your chain to look. Do you want your chain to be double or single sided? If double sided, do you want your chain link to match (front & back) or to differ? Once you have decided, you'll roll along the process. [Note: The double sided chain has a wonderful weight to it. If your tree is lightweight, you'll need to decide how you want it to drape.]

Step 2: You'll be cutting material in strips of 1.25 x 5 inches. You can adjust to 1 inch x 6 inches or 1 1/2 inches x 6 inches. You choose what you like and go with it! In a 18 inch x 21 inch fat quarter you can cut up to 60 strips (or 30 chain links front/back) of the 1.25 (1 1/4") x 6 inch strips. Using your ruler, measure your strips. If you're handy using the rotary cutter, mark your 6 inch lines with a pencil and measure & cut your 1.25 inch strips. If using scissors, measure and mark before cutting.

Step 3: Assembly. Place two strips with the back side facing each other.

Loop them around together. I placed one edge between the other two pieces, sandwiching them in so that the chain link looks really clean.
Place a piece of translucent tape horizontally across the edge, securing the tape hanging over to the opposite side of the chain. Place two more pieces together and loop through the first chain. Repeat steps until you have the desired length of your chain.
The transparent tape looks great on the oilcloth. You hardly notice it's there, and it's quite durable if you're overlapping your tape to the back side of each link.

*Measurements: Using the 1.5 x 6 inch strips:
9 chain links = 12 inches loosely hanging.
1 fat quarter makes 1 yard of chain, front and back or 2 yards single sided.

Decorate your tree, your doorway, hang these along your windows, line your table centerpiece, along the edge of a room's ceiling...the possibilities go on and on. As you make these, remember to include the kids! It's a great family night project, as it takes a little time. It's well worth the effort.
Cheers! Enjoy making your chain as I have ours (pictured above). Happy Holidays!

Save your scraps! Suzanne of Silver Tree Art's Next Tutorial: Flag Cupcake Toppers using scraps as small as 1 x 2 inches as part of her focus on Party Planning!

Kelly here... Suzanne of Silver Tree Art had created this tutorial for us here at OCA! I am also very lucky to have her some of her creative energy in my studio here at home. Suzanne if full of great ideas and will be sharing those that are made with oilcloth here on the OCA blog! Thanks girlie, you are the best!

As always OCA is dedicated to offering you great tips and projects. If you have an idea that would fit with in out blog please let us know. We would love to share your ideas too!

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