Sunday, April 13, 2014

Scrappy and Simple Bunting Tutorial!

Here is a very simple way to make a pretty spring banner. This is a much simpler and smaller version of the Fair Flags that we made last year for the Rhinebeck Country Living Fair. I made the ones shown here for The Painted Home's, Crafty Camper.
Materials and Supplies
  • Fabric scraps that are at least 6" W x 16" L
  • Twine, yarn, or rick rack, 35" longer than desired length of banner
  • Clear ruler
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter and mat (optional)
Planning It Out
As you plan out your Scrappy and Simple Bunting you want to have a location in mind. Lets use my fireplace mantel as a example. My mantle is 80" wide so I added 20" for two ties and 15" for swag. Thus my total twine length was 115" long.

Each flag is 6" wide and I like the look of 1"- 2" between each flag, so I opted for 8 flags. The great thing about using twine, is that if you need it to be longer you can can just tie on more twine. The best part of this project is simplicity and speed!
Again, for this project is that you can use any type of fabric you desire! I used scrapes of laminated cotton for this bunting, it was all leftover fabric from the pillows that I made for the Crafty Camper. You could use cotton, oilcloth or even paper for this project.
Cut the scrapes down to 6" W x 16" L rectangle and fold them in half lengthwise. Take pin the raw edges together near the bottom. 
Now fold your flag in half width-wise so you have a 3'' x 8" flag to cut. With your rotary cutter, mat and clear ruler, cut a diagonal line that cuts a 2" notch into the center of the flag.
Now you have a notched two-sided flag.
Now it's time to get stringing! Take your twine and measure out a 10" and make a double knot at that mark. This is where you are going to start your flags. Just open up your flags and slide then around the twine, now just fold the flag closed. 
The shiny fabric can be a bit sticky so when working with laminated cotton or oilcloth you'll want to use a specialty foot like this roller foot that I attached to my sewing machine. Don't have a fancy foot? No worries, just trick out a regular foot with tape.

Here's another handy tip, when your top stitching on slick fabric you want to lengthen your stitch length to 4, this will keep your sewing machine moving along easily.

Now line the side of your foot right up to the bump of twine that is within the fold and sew along the top of you flag, creating a little channel for your twine. Back tack on each end of your flags. Be careful, making sure not to sew across twine. If you catch a bit of it by accident you just need to rip out your stitches and redo it. The flags need to move freely from right to left on the twine.
This is a great project to use the sewing technique called chain stitching. As you finish sewing the channel for one flag keep sewing. Run your machine to create a few (empty) stitches, then add the next flag and sew that one in place. Once you have all your flags sewn around the twine you can clip the treads between each flag and you are almost done!
The only thing left to do it to hang and enjoy it! I use cup hooks on my mantle to hang all sort of good things through out the year. These hooks were left over from Christmas stockings. I put a slip knot at each end of the twine and hook it to the hook. Just move your flags from right to left till you like the spacing. 
I love how Denise used her Scrappy and Simple Bunting in the Crafty Camper! What a fun little window treatment.

I hope you enjoy this simple little bunting!


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