Friday, April 11, 2014

Best kind of trade, chalk cloth for joy!

Months and months ago, I said yes to a giveaway. Little did I know that I was in for a real treat! Heather, from Life Made Lovely asked if I'd donate some chalk cloth for a Be Crafty retreat. OM! I couldn't refuse, in fact I wanted to attend the crafty workshop!

I had almost forgotten all about it when I saw a ton of super cute photos turn up on Instagram! The photos were of the chalk cloth hoops that Amanda (Be Crafty) and Lesley from Recipe for Crazy made with the cutest bunch of crafty gals in the southwest! See the group shot here!

I've snagged some of the photos for you all to see...

 How cute are they? 
 First up, wrapping of the hoops.
Slide the chalk cloth into the hoop! 
 Get chalky!
Let's go out there an be crafty too!


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