Friday, October 5, 2012

Q and A: Chalk Cloth Facts!!

Q: I am interested in the chalk cloth, but had read that it contains phthalates and lead. Is the cloth you have free of both of these ingredients?

A: Not all chalk cloths are created equally. There are chalk cloths out there that are thin and brittle, that don't lay flat once cut. Now, I have no idea if these two contain lead or phthalates but what I don know is that the chalk cloth that we carry comes from a very reliable source.

Oilcloth Internationals chalk cloth is scientifically proven to be be both lead or phthalate free. So when you're buying chalk cloth be sure that it is their trademarked Chalkcloth ™.

We tried the other version and it was substandard so we'll never carry anything other than the good stuff from now on!! 

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