Sunday, October 7, 2012

Q and A: Solid Laminated Cotton

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Q:  I've looked at the fabrics you have but didn't see any solid colors to chose from...

A:  Unfortunately, all of the laminated cottons on the market today come from high-end quilting companies. The companies make wonderful designer fabrics and they are solid fabric driven.

While there are many of us would really enjoy a selection of pretty solid laminated cottons the fabric companies aren't so keen to my suggestion. I am sure the cost is very high and the fear the demand is low. Hopefully someday they will make that for us. Meanwhile, I'll keep asking my fabric reps.

Leave a comment if you are interested in solid laminated cotton and let us know what would be your preferred color would be.


hetha2001 said...

I'm also interested in a solid. I have a lovely patterned elasticized table cover (from your shop) which is great for hiding crumbs, etc. but it's difficult when my daughter (who has some visual issues) sits to do her beading/stickers/etc. I'd love a dark solid color. Deep pink, red, navy, etc. If it works out, or you find another durable, wipeable, solid fabric you'll make the covers from, please contact me!

chivon blanton said...

I'm dreaming of solid white!