Saturday, March 3, 2012

Laminated Cotton Choices for Tablecloths

I am so excited about our current collect of laminated cotton for tablecloths and splat mats.  March is looking good!! We have added 6 new prints and added a few back in. Ya'll missed them, so we got them back!

Modern June makes laminated cotton tablecloths that are round, rectangular, oval and square! Don't forget our latest addition, the fitted laminated cotton tablecloth. I can't believe the great response for these elasticized cuties!! Sweet!

As always, our laminated cottons are all BPA, PVC and lead free, so they are great for kids of all ages!!

Here's the list! If you want to see a larger view of the material, check out our swatches at flickr.

1. Graphic Mums Brown by Heather Bailey
2. Lounge Stripe Gold by Heather Bailey
3. Graphic Mum Turquoise by Heather Bailey
4. Lounge Stripe Turquoise by Heather Bailey
5. Treasure Box Charcoal by Amy Butler
6. Charisma Midnight by Amy Butler
7. Gypsy Cobalt  by Amy Butler
8. Royal Apple Chevron by Erin McMorris
9. Citron Apple Chevron by Erin McMorris
10. Scattered Roses by Tanya Whelan
11. Falling Roses by Tanya Whelan
12. Lanterns on White by Tanya Whelan
13. Tart by Anna Maria Horner
14. Fun Blue Bloom by Anna Maria Horner
15. Twist by Anna Maria Horner 
16. Passion Lily Green by Amy Butler
17. Honeycomb Dandelion by Joel Dewberry
18. Amber Rose Bouquet by Joel Dewberry
19. Sky Rose Bouquet by Joel Dewberry
20. Amethyst Block Print Floral by Joel Dewberry 
21. Green Hop Dot by Heather Bailey
22. Green Dandy Strip by Heather Bailey
23. Moss Picnic Bouquet by Heather Bailey
24. Kimono by Ty Pennington
25. Angel Wings Spice by Ty Pennington
26. Chartreuse Moorish Tiles by Ty Pennington
27. Indigo Lattice by Sis Boom
28. Blue Paisley by Sis Boom
29. Green Lattice by Sis Boom
30. Navy Tile by Dena Designs
31. Navy Floral by Dena Designs
32. Intermission in green and yellow by Jenean Morrison

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