Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's a darn good thing that I have Oilcloth Addict spy's everywhere!! While I was on car pool duty one of my best friends, Suzanne, spotted Chalk Cloth on the beer tasting table that Martha showcased on yesterday's Today Show. You know we love our chalk cloth, the more ways to use it the better!

To get this look, all you need is enough chalk cloth yardage to span the width of your table and then you can use painters tape to adhere it to the bottom of the table top. Easy and fun, once the beer tasting party is over, just roll it up and store it for the next party or kids play date!
Want to cover the whole table top? Here is one of my favorite ways to use chalk cloth, a custom chalk cloth table topper! I cut down chalk cloth to the exact size and shape of our Thanksgiving table, kids of all ages had fun doodling through desert! 
Please don't tell Martha that our pie was from the freezer!! I would die if she know!

Check out Sewing with Oilcloth for more great chalk cloth projects, my chalk cloth table runner pattern would be perfect for a beer tasting party. You can download that for free at SWO's  Amazon page! 

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Mandy P. said...

You've been sharing so many cute ideas for the chalkboard oilcloth! I love it. I just posted a tutorial for a little project that I did with the chalkboard oilcloth that I ordered from your Etsy shop: