Thursday, March 1, 2012

Great idea: Chalk Cloth

Photo Credit: See Jane Blog
I am so excited to share this great blog post from See Jane Blog!! OMG, this is so darn cute! Chalk cloth love and a 14th birthday, oh my what fun.
Photo Credit: See Jane Blog
I am so bummed that I haven't done this for my lovelies. I could use the table topper that we made for Thanksgiving a few years ago!! 
Photo Credit: See Jane Blog
Pretty Pretty Presents!


{jane} said...

Thanks for the mention, what a fun site you have! xoxo.

Craft Bees said...

Ssoo, did you make it or buy that way?

Kelly said...

Great question, chalk cloth is a fabric that doesn't fray so the lady that did this project just used a couple of yards of fabric as a simple tablecloth.

No hemming, no sewing, just pure fun!!