Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Q and A: The wrong side of laminated cotton

This super cute fabric will be arriving in March, but I got a hold of some to play with early!! Stay tuned!!
Q: What does the backside of the laminate cotton look like and just to verify, it is food safe?

A The back side of laminated cotton is just cotton fabric. Unfortunately, the fabric manufacturers have not had their fabric tested for food safety. Here's what I know about food safety and fabric..

Q: Thank you, is the back side printed or solid white?

A: Laminated cotton is a two process fabric. First the design is printed onto cotton, just like a quilting cotton would be. Then the printed fabric is laminated with a thin coating of polyurethane.

I have attached a photo with the wrong side of a fabric that will becoming out next month. You can clearly see the monkey's on the back side.

Thanks for asking, I hope this helps,

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