Saturday, February 18, 2012

Q and A: Laminated Cotton Dog Mat?

Q: I am wondering if laminated cotton would do well for a dog bed? My daschund recently was diagnosed with Diabetes and is peeing all the time, even on his bed.

I am hoping I can use this material in a pretty pattern and sew up a cover for his bedding.

Thank you!

A:  I have so been there, but with a cat!!! It's so hard on both of you, isn't it? We did the same thing for our Willow Kitty and it helped a lot with clean up, you can just whip it clean. I can't guarantee that it won't hold the scent but it's better the the alternative.

Laminated cotton is BPA and PVC free and waterproof so this is a great fabric for families and pets.

If you make a cover and put in a zipper or snaps you can throw it in the washer. Washing changes the fabric a bit but it's not going to hurt it.  This way you could removed it if once it's beyond whipping clean.

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cyndi said...

Can you tell me the fabric in the picture that is the orange with the blue floral? Thanks. I would love to purchase some of it.