Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scraps for Chalkcltoh Tags

I've been redoing the Modern June/Oilcloth Addict studio for about a month now and today I conquered a large box of scraps. I've divided them into SCRAP PACKS, all 6 flat rate envelopes each contains 1 1/2 pounds of oilcloth scrape and a role of Chalkcloth (TM) that measures 7" x 20" or an equal amount of chalk cloth pieces. Each envelope is $10.00 including shipping, so that's $5.00 for the scraps and $5.00 for the shipping. (US only)

The shapes and sizes vary within each of the packages, this photo gives you a good idea what to expect.

  Each package is filled with a variety of print so you can make tons of our reusable Chalkcloth (TM) tags.


All That Glitters said...

I would love to buy one! I just found you blog through google looking for scraps!! How cool!

Newest follower too!

Kelly said...

Jennifer, I love that story! Here is the link for our remaining scrap packs.