Friday, June 17, 2011

Q & A: Is laminated cotton a good choice for snack bags?

Q: Can you use the laminated cotton for reusable snack bags?

A: Laminated cottons are waterproof and easy to clean so it's a great choice for snack bags. According to the test results that I received from Westminster Fibers, Inc ALL of the laminated cottons that I carry have been tested and proved to be be BPA and PVC free. These are the chemicals that we don't want leaching in to our sandwiches. Which is why I don't recommend using oilcloth for projects that store food. While many people feel comfortable with knowing that the fabric is PVC and BPA-free every person has to make the decision that's right for them.

Laminated cotton has a thin layer of polyurethane on the right side of the fabric only so you will want to line your snack bags with another layer of laminated cotton. I recommend leaving the lining loose so you can slid it out and clean it thoroughly. I also recommend hand washing any laminated cotton project, as water gets trapped between the layers of laminated cotton and has a really hard time drying out properly. We now sell laminated cotton in Fat Quarters, it's the perfect size for snack bags!

My upcoming book, Sewing with Oilcloth, has a pattern for a really great snack bag and another for a sandwich wrap. Head over to Amazon and pre-order you copy today!!! (Yes, that is my first shameless plug. I am sure there will be many more to come!)

UPDATE:  I contacted Westminster Fibers, INC to see if they had run this fabric through testing to see if it was "food safe" and they haven't tested it and don't have plans to. So I can't say for sure that it is or isn't food safe.

I can say that it is PVC and BPA free. From what I have read this is good indication, but of course I am NOT a scientist and I don't even play on TV.  ; )

As with all the big questions in life we have to educate ourselves and do what's right for us and our families.

Hope this helps. I really wish I could give a concrete answer. I really do. : ) I'll keep asking the hard questions to these company and hopefully someday we'll get an answer.

Happy sewing,

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