Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laminated Cotton of love!

Anna Maria Horner fabric is always a treat but I couldn't have believed that we could sell out of this pretty Lou Lou Thi, Tart laminated cotton in just one weeks time. I quickly ordered two bolts, which I received them yesterday. After cutting the pre-orders we took at Oilcloth Addict and the laminated cotton tablecloths for Modern June we have nearly emptied a 15 yard bolt in about 36 hours. So come on over and grab up, it's a hot commodity!!!

We also restocked a few more of your favorite prints. Ya'll just can't get enough of this laminated cotton and for that I say thank you very much!!! (Two new prints are coming next week!)
Forrest Hills
Dandy Strip in Green, blue and yellow
Picnic Bouquet on Gold
Tea Garden Tile in blue

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