Friday, June 27, 2014

I spy oilcloth and laminated cotton at Finding Home!

A while back I invited the Lynn, from Finding Home to be a part of my At Home with Modern June blog tour. I asked her to show her readers how to use the covered seat cushion project that is in the book. I also sent her a box full of black and white oilcloth and laminated cotton to play with.
Lynn, used our great Black Picnic Check oilcloth to recover her kitchen chairs. This fabric has been a big hit. We started carrying it thanks to fellow blogger, The Painted Home, when she had picked it out for her Crafty Camper seat cushions.
The chairs are lovely, aren't they?
Next, she made simple oilcloth placemats by cutting a single layer of oilcloth into squares. She topped it all off with a laminated cotton runner, again, just a simple cut piece of fabric. Both of these fabrics are great, they don't fray so you don't have do any fussy sewing -- if you care not.
Then she got fancy! Lynn created a no-sew silverware sleeve with black polka dot oilcloth and washi tape. Next she topped it off with a chalk cloth tag, that she made with a punch that she just happened to have. A very crafty gal!
See her blog, Fining Home, to see how she made the template.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into Lynn's lovely home! See her blog Finding Home for so much more!


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