Monday, June 30, 2014

Flash Back Photo Album: 2013 Country Living Ohio

I'm going to be catching up on the blog this wee. Everyday I'm going to post a photo album that I should have posted ages ago! A lot has happened in the last 12 months that I haven't blogged about properly.

First up! Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio 2013. This was by far the best set up to date, I hope you enjoy it! I'll be at this show again in September and I hope to see you there too. The dates are Sept. 12, 13, 14, 2014. Click on over to buy up your tickets. I suggest you get the Early Bird tickets, this way you get great deals and first pick of all the goodies! Best of all, no crowds!

You know I'm doing this one first because we are starting to prep for it, right? This show is our best show of the year. It' takes a lot of sewing to get there. : )

This is my lovely spot under the will tree!

This is our cutting table, yes, we cut fabric to order at the show! Cool, right?

Oilcloth Chickens of LOVE!
Buy and sell mixed in with handmade housewares!
Vintage housewares and art work by Trish Preston!
Party Banner, chalk cloth and bags galore!
Kids, babies and bags!
Pillows, aprons and more.
Aprons, aprons and more aprons!
A ton of fabric and our lined Yia Yia Carts!

See you at the fair, 

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