Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where did all the fabric go?

Some of you may remember that we lost a hundred year old tree back in August when Hurricane Irene decided to drop it on our house as she was leaving town. We are just now getting out house and studio repaired. Above are our 4 contractors up on the the studio roof, this was the day the removed the chimney. That was a VERY stressful day, let me tell you!
Up until now we've been able to deal with the damage and stay open. We've cranked up the space heaters to fight the wind that has been coming through the roof line. We've even lugged oilcloth up a step latter for a week or two. We cringed while the chimney bricks fell on the roof above us for an entire day.

My friend Kathie, the Junie Shipping Goddess of Love has a saying, "You can't keep a good Junie down!" We'll... We've discovered that even good Junies have limits!

Starting tomorrow the guys will be coming inside to work in the studio, dining room and kitchen to repair the ceilings and plaster walls. They will also be ripping off the roof to the studio. Fun. As you can imagine this is a total pain, just when we want to be thinking of the holidays, just at the busiest time of year!!! 

Because of this construction work I have had to completely empty out the studio and most of our home. No studio means not cutting table. Heck, we don't even have a printer right now. Please don't fret, the guys know we need to open back up ASAP! We hope for good weather and no surprises!!! Please sign up for our newsletter (see the sidebar on the right) and we'll let you know when we are back to cutting. I am sure there will be a little coupon included!!

When we open back up I will have a few new laminated cottons to share with you all. The fabric that I bought at Quilt Market has started to come in, I know you'll love it all!! Hint... little boy prints!!!

I am very sorry for the trouble, we'll be sure to let you know when we open back up!

Wish us luck!!


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Anne D said...

Oh, you poor dears, you must be horribly frustrated!

I hope everything gets fixed quickly and to your satisfaction.