Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We're still here...

As you all know, Hurricane Irene was a mighty storm that raged her way up the East Coast. On her way out of Richmond, she decided to drop a tree on our home and the Oilcloth Addict/Modern June studio. My family and I are totally and completely fine! Totally numb on Sunday, and filled with anxiety and tears on Monday. This morning finds me hopeful one minute and filled with butterflies the next.

Cute boys on the studio roof!
Thanks to the big burly men at Altman Contracting, LLC. we are feeling much better! They worked a full 12 hour day getting the tree off our house and then covered it with a big tarp (in the dark) so last nights shower wouldn't do more damage to our ailing roof and attic.
Thankfully the tree didn't come through the studio roof, and that the trees root ball didn't damage the shed where we store most of our material. What a relief!

Soo... What's next? I guess we go back to work today, thanks to Kathie!! I'm kind of a mess but she'll come in and cut and wrap up your orders. She'll have to take them to her house to print shipping labels until our internet services are back. This should only cause a slight delay for you all.

I hope my fellow East Coast peeps are all well and have power ASAP!



Anne D said...

Goodness! I'm very glad you and yours are safe, and good thoughts for everybody in the path of Irene.

Relished Artistry said...

Kelly, I'm so glad you're okay!! Thank goodness nothing was damaged too badly, and that the family is fine! Onward and upward to more positive things! Like your book! ; )

Erzebat said...

(((((((kelly))))))) makes my smashed gutters looks tiny compared to your damage. hang in there, by christmas it will all be but a memory. (mauh) Liz

Miss Nancy said...

Glad all are safe. Wishing the best for all affected by the storm. Here's to a great and good recovery.

Have a super great day.

Barbra said...

Glad to hear you are physically okay...what a mess!