Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It's been a long time since I added any new oilcloth prints to the shop, way too long! I figure who better to help me than you all, my loyal blog readers. Here is what I am thinking, the shop needs some more floral and fruit prints and maybe a strip or two. Take a look and let me know what you like...
I have been wanting to carry one of the mum prints for some time now, which color do you like best?
Since spring and summer are coming, I want some more fruity patterns.  Which print do you like best? Well talk color later!

  1. fruit basket
  2. modern apples
  3. classic oilcloth apples
  4. oranges
  5. teapots and fruit
  6. doilies and fruit 
I have wanted to get some strips in the shop as well, I want all of these!  Which blue is better, light or dark? 

Thanks for your help. I want to order soon so leave me a comment today! 


Missie/Crafting with Cat Hair said...

Ooh lovely patterns. My choices: white background for the mums (smaller flowers would be great too), modern apples and teapots & fruit, and the light blue stripes.

Love my red and white polkadot oilcloth. Thanks!

lk said...

I like the mums with the white background, the modern apples (something new & different), and definitely the light blue stripes!

sbb and mbb said...

I'm with the other two comments... mums: white background, fruit: 1) definitely the modern apples (love that the best of all), 2) oranges 3) doilies & fruit, and stripes: light blue! You'll make everyone's spring and summer bright!

wcastaneda said...

Oh oranges please!

Jennalynn said...

Love love love the oranges. That turquoise and orange color scheme is making me feel summery and sunshiney.

Anonymous said...

Mums on Red
Darker Blue stripes


Nicole said...

I like the mums with the white background and the oranges.

Punkie Pie's Place said...

I like them all! But my favorites are Modern Apples, Oranges and all the Stripes.

the Inveterate Optimist said...

My votes are for "white background", "oranges", and the darker stripes. (Turquoise is the 'color of the year', however.)

tIO x

twrightgirl said...

for the mums i like the red and orange backgrounds the best. the fruit bar far the green apples. yummy. and the stripes the lighter blue.